Fourth grade teachers hosted their annual Book Tailgate!  The perfect, fall tailgate introduces students five different genres of literature (each tailgate has a different genre of books to select). They sampled the books by reading the book jacket or a few pages, and if they liked it, they recorded the title and genre to remember later.  This was a fun way to help students understand the concept of successfully finding ‘good-fit books’, and what genre they might be most interested in. Good-fit books are books that students understand, yet provide a challenge, are interesting for individual taste, and are an appropriate length for their reading level.  Finding good fit books encourages students to seek literature they enjoy reading. Following the tailgate, students and their teachers will set an achievable A.R. point goal, and students will meet their goal by reading books for points through Renaissance Accelerated Reader. Finally, students will express their comprehension through short quizzes after completing a book.  They really enjoyed their time at the ‘tailgate party’ and are excited to read some of the books they discovered!