West Liberty-Salem hosts Senior Awards night; Announces over $2m in Scholarships


West Liberty-Salem hosted the graduating class of 2022 at our annual Senior Awards Night on May 10, 2022. This special evening celebrates all seniors’ academic, athletic, fine arts and extra curricular experiences, as well as the transition to their next chapter in life. High School Counselor Molly Smith opened the ceremony and High School Principal Greg Johnson announced the class of 2022 Valedictorian, Megan Adams and Salutatorian Isaac Reams. 


The class of 2022 will graduate 89 seniors. Fifty-one are college bound with 71% attending a 4-year university and 29% attending community college or trade school. Fifty students earned College Credit Plus credits totaling 1283 hours, averaging 26 hours per student and saving a total of $527,313 in free college credit based on Ohio tuition costs.  Graduates also earned and qualified for a grand total of $2,015,620, an average of $22,650 per college bound student, and $80,000 in local scholarships.


Thirty-eight percent of the senior class are headed into the workforce, and 5% have enlisted in the military.  


The following Scholarships were awarded:   

U.S. Marine Corps

  • Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award: Emily Hollar & Tate Yoder
  • Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award: Megan Adams & Isaac Reames
  • Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Music Award: Madison Casto & Sam Erne




Honda-Ohio State STEM Award winner                                                  Isaac Reames


“That Tiger” Award Mandalyn Weaver & Tate Yoder                                                       

American Legion Voiture "59" 40/8   $400    Naomi McGill

American Legion Voiture "59" 40/8   $400    Natalie Hacker

Arthur Birt Family Scholarship           $1,000             Brady Forsythe

Arthur Birt Family Scholarship           $1,000             Natalie Hacker

Arthur Birt Family Scholarship           $1,000             Owen Johnson

Arthur Birt Family Scholarship           $1,000             Josie Kennaw

Arthur Birt Family Scholarship           $1,000             Lauren Kindle

Arthur Birt Family Scholarship           $1,000             Audrey McGill

Arthur Birt Family Scholarship           $1,000             Logan Saylor

Arthur Birt Family Scholarship           $1,000             Hallie Smith

Arthur Birt Family Scholarship           $1,000             Mandilyn Weaver

Arthur Birt Family Scholarship           $1,000             Gabby Williams

Bellefontaine Kiwanis Club     $500    Naomi McGill

 Bellefontaine Rotary   $1,000             Naomi McGill

 Beth Brown Memorial             $1,000             Brady Forsythe

Beth Brown Memorial            $750                Natalie Hacker

Beth Brown Memorial            $1,250             Bella Kauffman

Beth Brown Memorial            $1,000             Jocelyn Kennaw

Beth Brown Memorial            $1,000             Naomi McGill

Beth Brown Memorial            $1,000             Hallie Smith

Beth Brown Memorial            $750                Gabrielle Williams

Champaign County Farm Bureau $1,000       Tate Yoder

 Champaign County Retired Teachers $1,000 Mandilyn Weaver

 Christy Knotts & Ranae Donohoe       $1,000 Hallie Smith

Christy Knotts & Ranae Donohoe       $1,000 Naomi McGill

Christy Knotts & Ranae Donohoe       $1,000 Owen Johnson

Civista Bank                 $500                Lillian Williamson

 Deb Dunham               $1,000             Naomi McGill

 Ellen Vitt Performing Arts Memorial Scholarship      $1,000             Kathryn Hissong

 Forever 18, Inc./Sara Hess Memorial             $1,000             Naomi McGill

Forever 18, Inc./Sara Hess Memorial             $1,000             Mandilyn Weaver

Forever 18, Inc./Sara Hess Memorial             $1,000             Hallie Smith

 Grimes Foundation     $2.500             Natalie Hacker

 Lani Anders Angel Foundation $2,000           Owen Johnson

 Mark Smith Memorial $500               Hallie Smith

Mark Smith Memorial $500               Natalie Hacker

 Mary Eleanor Morris   $1,000             Gabrielle Williams      

Mary Eleanor Morris   $1,000             Naomi McGill

 Mary Rutan Foundation          Dr. Joseph C. & Florence C. Longfellow Memorial Scholarship $2,000                     Natalie Hacker

 Mary Rutan Foundation          Charlotte L. & Norman R. Miller Memorial Medical Scholarship $1,000                   Emily Hollar

 Mary Rutan Foundation          Dr. Joseph C. & Florence C. Longfellow Memorial Scholarship $2,000                     Naomi McGill

 Mary Rutan Foundation          Dr. Joseph C. & Florence C. Longfellow Memorial Scholarship $2,000                     Hallie Smith

 Meghan Vogel            $2,500             Naomi McGill

Michael McGill           $500                Owen Johnson

 Pioneer Electric Cooperative $500     Hallie Smith

 Sharon Jones Memorial          $500    Naomi McGill

 VFW Spriggs-Wing Post 5451 Urbana Auxiliary         $500    Isaac Reames

 West Liberty Lions Club                      $500                Douglas Legge

West Liberty Lions Club                      $500                Hallie Smith

West Liberty Lions Club                      $500                Owen Johnson

West Liberty Lions Club                      $500                Bella Kauffman

 WL-S Athletic Assn      $500                Isaac Brown

WL-S Athletic Assn      $500                Owen Johnson

WL-S Athletic Assn      $500                Aubrey Williams

WL-S Athletic Assn      $500                Gabby Williams          

 WL-S Band Boosters   $500                Mandilyn Weaver

 WL-S Educational Assn/James & Pat FitzRandolph    $500    Owen Johnson

WL-S Educational Assn/James & Pat FitzRandolph    $500    Naomi McGill

WL-S Educational Assn/James & Pat FitzRandolph    $500    Gabby Williams                                              

White Tiger                 $250                Hallie Smith

White Tiger                 $250                Naomi McGill

USBC Bowling Association                 $1,000             Natalie Hacker

 Department Awards

Art                   Aubrey Williams

Science            Hallie Smith

Math               Isaac Reames

English            Megan Adams

Social Studies  Naomi McGill

Agriculture Ed Michele Smith

 Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Awards

Owen Johnson & Emily Hollar

 OHSAA Scholar Athlete Award

Isaac Reames & Megan Adams

 Collegiate Athletes

  • Gabby Williams – Bluffton University – Volleyball
  • Megan Adams – Lee University – Cross Country and Track & Field
  • Ally Gaver – Muskingum University – Volleyball
  • Michele Smith – Clark State – Volleyball
  • Isaac Brown – Capital University – Soccer
  • Tate Yoder – Wilmington College – Cross Country
  • Emily Hollar – Bowling Green State University - Soccer