Students and teachers

On Wednesday March 31st, administrators recognized 90 High School students at the Academic Excellence Awards.  An invitation to the banquet requires that students maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher for the year. For some students this commitment begins in 8th grade if they are selected to begin HS level Algebra and Biology classes.  For others, this includes their College level courses and high school classes combined. 

Mr. Johnson opened the ceremony remarking that the students being recognized are among some of the top leaders in the school.  Many students are athletes, artists, fine art students including band and choir.  Some students were in both sports and musical or community action organizations.  They are active in the FFA, Student Council, 4H, church and other clubs both in and outside of school.  Still, their commitment and dedication to their studies proves they have learned to maintain a high level of self discipline.

This year 27 Freshman, 20 sophomores, 24 juniors and 19 seniors were recognized.  Seniors, who are invited for the third or fourth year, are also invited to honor a teacher or staff member that made a positive impact on their academic experience.  13 out of 19 seniors have attended 3 or four years consecutively.  

Mr. Hissong shared the closing remarks for the banquet.  

The following teachers were recognized:

Mrs. Renee Arnold by Megan Adams

Mr. Andy Cotrell by Brady Forsythe

Mr. Dan Miller by Ali Gault

Mr. Steve Fannin by Jamie Gluckle

Mrs. Rachel Finch by Emily Hollar

Ms. Jess Haney by Jocelynn Kenna’s

Mrs. Carrie Smith by Lauren Kindle

Mr. Andy Cotrell by Naomi McGill

Mr. Jake Vitt by Hallie Smith

Mr. Sean Stormes by Micha Stoner

Mr. Steve Fannin by Mandilyn Weaver

Mrs. June Seymour by Aubrey Williams

Mrs. Annie Kauffman by Gabrielle Williams