Breakfast of champions

West Liberty-Salem celebrated fourth and fifth grade highest academic honors at the annual Breakfast of Champions on Tuesday morning.  Students must earned all A’s and only one B in each 9 weeks to receive an invitation.  The breakfast including Schuler’s donuts, coffee and milk and ceremony were held in the Tiger Stadium this year.  Mr. Hollar offered opening remarks and congratulated students on their accomplishments.  Kaylee LeVan, senior and valedictorian, was the guest speaker.  She encouraged the students to continue making their school work a priority and to get involved.  She said that playing sports, joining clubs, community service and having fun were all part of what helped her become first in her class and becoming a collegiate athlete, along with encouragement from her family. A special tradition for the Breakfast of Champions includes a drawing for a gift box of treats from Maries Candies, and 20 students got to leave with one of the gift baskets.  Students receiving the honor were Alexa Beard, Gavin Bell, Kendal Carroll, Celena Cheetham, Zachery Cordell, Mia Dooley, Cohen Evans, Addison Farley, Abby Fissel, Payton Gibbons, Eli Gilley, Brayan Gullett, Owen Hardwick, Carter Henderson, Tyler Hershberger, Alanee Horsley, Brayden Hupp, Ella Jacobs, Eli Jones, Gussie Keller, Emily King, Levi Kitchen, Rylan Leichty, Isla Leichty, Mikel Ling, Braylon Lucas, Karlee Lucas, Ava Martin, Reagan McCullough, Loretta Moxley, Sam Myers, Robert Park, Drew Piacentino, Carter Pratt, David Roberts, Wyatt Shoemaker, Carter Sisson, Xavier Smith, Isabella Spencer, Rachel Stanford, Bennett Sutherin, Ashlyn Taylor, Owen Thornburg, Derek Wall, Carver Wallace, Arianna Weaver, Reese Winters, Ellery Wygal, Landon Zanfirov, and Peyton Ziegler.