West Liberty-Salem provided Christmas gifts to 29 students from all grade levels with help from our awesome community!  Mr. Westfall, elementary student counselor, is in charge of the program each year.  He started reaching out to all teachers this fall in hopes of learning what families may need the blessing this Christmas.  Once his list was complete, and he checked it twice, he began reaching out to local churches, businesses and other charitable organizations to help purchase gifts.  Our own Calc Club, a student organization, even donated several items and helped with wrapping.

This type of outreach is no surprise in our community, but in this particularly hard season, the impact of this program just seemed bigger this year.  Administrators spent the last 2 mornings loading and delivering three truck loads of gifts including clothes, bikes, dollhouses, dolls, other toys and stocking stuffers!!  We are grateful to be able to give joy back to students who bring us joy all year!  WL-S would like to extend a very warm and grateful thank you to the donors, wrappers, and deliverers who helped make this possible.  Happy Holidays!