West Liberty-Salem’s Rox group, otherwise known as Ruling Our Experiences, recently participated in a physical self defense training.  The unseasonably warm weather made the socially distant event an even better opportunity to work on verbal and physical skills and team building.  The girls ordered take out from Liberty Gathering place to support local and use that time to discuss other meeting matters.

Ruling Our Experiences (ROX) provides a 20 week data informed course offered each year to girls in the High School, which focuses on building resiliency and self confidence in an empowering and socially emotional way. 

Funding for ROX this year came from Steve Austin’s and Park National Bank.

Members this year are Sidney Larison, Kendall LeVan, Abigail Miller, Maddie Hutton, Bailee Wick, Hannah Turner, Shyayne Eaton and Sari Kitchen