The WLS Varsity Choir created this very special ‘Virtual Christmas Card’ in hopes of offering peace and cheer this holiday season.  Mr. Brice Henry, Choir Director, had this to say about offering his students this opportunity, “This has been such a fun collaborative effort with the HS Varsity Choir students. It was also enjoyable working with former WLS Choir student, Allison Buroker, on the Sign Exact English used in this performance.” Allison worked with students virtually to teach them the Sign Exact English, while also teaching them the meaning behind each sign.  


When COVID loomed in the beginning of this school year, Mr. Henry wanted to find a way to still connect with people through music.  He knew that large performances, especially the beloved Christmas concert, hung in the balance. He examined how the pandemic was affecting those around him and how his students could still inspire an audience with music. “I had a friend stop attending church for a while because she is legally deaf and relied so heavily on reading lips-- a luxury taken away from her due to the mask mandate,” he shared. “Sign Language (or, in this case, Sign Exact English) was the perfect way to still connect people to our music and reach people who need some encouragement,” he said.  


In class, Mr. Henry has encouraged students to bring change to their world and to be the "trendsetters" of peace. Please enjoy the West Liberty-Salem Varsity choir as they bring you  "Let there be Peace on Earth and let It begin with Me!"