WEST LIBERTY – On Thursday, March 17th, administrators recognized 85 High School students at the Academic Excellence Banquet. Students invited to the banquet are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher for the entire school year. For some students this commitment begins in 8th grade if they are selected to begin HS level Algebra and Biology classes. For others, this includes their college level courses and high school classes combined.

Mr. Johnson opened the ceremony remarking that the students being recognized are among some of the top leaders in the school. Many students are athletes, artists, fine art students including band and choir. Some students were in both sports and musical or community action organizations. They are active in the FFA, Student Council, 4H, church and other clubs both in and outside of school. Still, their commitment and dedication to their studies proves they have learned to maintain a high level of self-discipline.

This year 24 Freshman, 26 sophomores, 17 juniors, and 18 seniors were recognized. Seniors, who are invited for the third or fourth year, are also invited to honor an educator that made a positive impact on their academic experience. Sixteen of the 18 seniors have attended 3 or four years consecutively.


Front row: Emery Longaberger, Brady Kauffman, Geneva Estep, Lance Campbell, Dustin Bolton

Row 2: Abbie Thoman, Marisa Smith, Emma Smith, Kaylee Powell, Wyatt Longaberger

Row 3: Brevin Louden, Ava Poppe, Breece Gullett, Addison Hutton

Row 4: Dylan King, Mason Helms

Row 5: Haylee Earles, Gavin Greenhill, Levi Miller, Kamden Hissong, Naomi Kole

Not pictured: Ava Astorino, Lyndee Harrison, Caleb Ling, Eli Christison


Front row: Bexley Wilcoxon. Akira Whitman, Kennedy Wallace, Marley Myers, Rebekah Hudson

Row 2: Caleb Hershberger, Madeline McGill, Londyn Loveless, Audrey Collins, Teagan Boyd

Row 3: Quentin Rudolph, Max Rudolph, Daniel Neer, Clayton McAuley, Isabella Hardwick, Jessa Beard,

Row 4: Craig Stanford, Eli Adkins, Aaron Campbell

Row 5: Isaiah Reames, Luke McGill, Taran Logwood, Owen Barger

Not pictured: Ava Johnson, Illa Kerns, Nathan Neuerman


Front row: Addison McAuley, Abigail Miller, Alexis Helms, Zander Fahenstock, Emma Bails,

Row 2: Lillian Weaver, Lily Smith, Kenzie Phillips, Ivy Cline, Kerrigan Burgel

Row 3: Veronica Wall, Chaley Wade, Joseph LaRoche, Mallory Bostick, Madeline Cole

Not pictured: Sophia Hardwick, Abby Guest, Megan Hollar, Sari Kitchen


Row 1: Brittany Neer, Tina Douthwaite, Maggie Davis, Lena Kauffman, Allie Bolton

Row 2: Makenna Smith, Whitney Ridenbaugh, Rylie Schultz, Trinity Floyd, Carlee Hausler, Isabelle Wilson

Row 3: Adam Stapleton, Logan Phillips, Christian Davis, Lexy Lee, Kayla Cole, Arianna Chapman

Not Pictured: Elyssa Cheetham, Anika Christison, Amelia Hudson

Students & Honored Staff Members:

Front row: Trinity Floyd, Renee Arnold, Allie Bolton, Isabelle Wilson, Trista Havens, Maggie Davis, Brian Yoder

Row 1: Rylie Schultz, June Seymour, Arianna Chapman, Lexy Lee, Brittany Neer

Row 2: Tina Douthwaite, Jennifer Douthwaite, Makenna Smith, Molly Smith, Tim Wolfe, Brandie Roberts, Aaron Lauck

Row 3: Kayla Cole, Chris Smucker, Whitney Ridenbaugh, Adam Stapleton, Rex Stapleton, Christian Davis, Todd Lewis, Logan Phillips

Not Pictured: Teachers Cheryl Shank and Andy Cotrell and student Abbigayle Long