White Tiger

West Liberty-Salem High School Students are honored at White Tiger Banquet

West Liberty-Salem High School held their annual White Tiger Award Ceremony on Friday, February 24th.  The White Tiger Award is presented to students in grades 9-12 who work hard, have a great attitude, give from the heart, and are a positive role model for other students.  Like a white tiger, these students are rare, and this ceremony is all about celebrating the unique impact they’ve had on the staff member who nominated them.  This year a total of 23 students were honored by a teacher, counselor, or the Athletic Director.  Each White Tiger recipient qualifies for a scholarship provided by the Angie Warye Family.  In addition to recognition and scholarship potential, each student receives a certificate and letter written by the staff member by whom they were nominated.  Congratulations to all of this year’s recipients!

Full List of Recipients:Mr. Cotrell – Eli Bell, Junior

Mrs. Bragg – Aiden Taylor, Sophomore 

Mr. Waibel – Reagan Simpson, Sophomore and Greyson Horsley, Sophomore

Mr. D McGill – Zaylor Eggleston, Freshman 

Mr. Stormes – Tommi Payne (TJ), Junior  

Mrs. Havens – Maddox Havens, Senior and Christian Herron, Senior 

Mr. Lynxwiler – Faith Instine, Senior

Ms. Haney – Sami King, Sophomore 

Mrs. Roberts – Jadon Lowry, Sophomore 

Mr. Lewis – Lexy Lee, Senior 

Mrs. C Smith – Wes Erne, Junior 

Mrs. A Smith – Tommi Payne, Junior 

Mrs. Seymour – Naomi Aldo, Senior 

Madame Shank – Makenzy Sandefur, Junior 

Mrs. Spencer– Leah Ropp, Junior 

Mrs. Neer – Anna Wintersteller, Senior 

Miss. Lenk – Taylor Kennedy, Junior

Mrs. Arnold – Anna Byrd, Junior

Mr. Sullivan – Owen Harrison, Sophomore 

Mrs. M Smith – Connor Garman-Ferguson, Sophomore 

Mrs. Moell – Hannah Nibert, Senior, and Chilton (Shade) Smith, Freshman 

Mr. Warren – Sam Lauck, Junior  

Mr. Louden – Chandler McCafferty, Senior 

Mr. Wolfe - Jack Bahan, Sophomore