West Liberty-Salem is looking for a Varsity Head Softball Coach for the 2021-22 school year.


Please choose the sport(s) your student would like to join by using your parent log in to FinalForms. You'll be prompted to complete OHSAA required forms at that time. Please be advised, if you add a sport mid-year, you may be required to complete some OHSAA forms again. 


Varsity Volleyball
🚨🚨Tournament Information🚨🚨

The WL-S Varsity Volleyball team plays Miamisburg Dayton Christian on Wednesday, October 27 @ 6:00 p.m. @ Brookville High School
Follow the link below for tournament information/Tickets.

Ticket link: https://www.ohsaa.org/tickets (Click on Volleyball, Division III, Region 12-Clayton 2)

2021 - 2022 WL-S Athletic Pass Policy

Pass Policy:

A.        All WL-S employees, full-time or part-time may receive a WL-S pass good for all WL-S sponsored home athletic events providing they sign up/agree to work two athletic events either for the athletic department or for the athletic booster club. He/She may opt to purchase the pass for $50 or may receive an $80 credit towards a WL-S family pass.

B.        Any substitute WL-S employee who would like to receive a WL-S pass good for all WL-S sponsored home athletic events must pay $50. Or he/she may receive an $80 credit towards a WL-S family pass.

C.        All senior citizens over the age of 70 who reside in the WL-S district and seniors who reside outside the district that regularly attend WL-S sporting events due to the participation of a family member/s will receive a single admission pass good for all WL-S sponsored home athletic events.  These are available all year. The person requesting must be in person to request a pass.

D.        All WL-S administration and WL-S Board of Education members will receive a family pass good for all WL-S sponsored home athletic events.

E.         All head coaches will receive a WL-S family pass for the entire year. All assistant, volunteer or middle school coaches will receive a credit of $135 towards a WL-S family passPasses will be distributed at the beginning of each season.

F.         A family member is any person listing that residence as their primary residence and financially dependent to a major degree upon the main pass holder.

G.        OHC passes are to be used for scouting, spouses, and assistant coaches only. All unused OHC passes will be distributed to home game personnel to further show appreciation for their help.

H.              All passes will be distributed and picked up from the central office.

Pass Prices:
            Student: $55.00
            Single Adult: $155.00
            Family: $310.00
            Season Family Pass: $125.00 per season

2021-22 Entry Fees:
            All Varsity contests- $7.00 for students and adults
            All JV, Freshman, and Middle School contests- $5.00 for students and adults

All WL-S High School students are eligible for a free pass for all HOME WL-S REGULAR season events (excluding tournaments), however, these must be obtained from the WL-S technology office prior to admission.