STAR Enterprise Assessments

For the 2018-2019 school year, West Liberty-Salem Elementary and Middle Schools will implement STAR Enterprise Early Literacy, Reading and Mathematics assessments in kindergarten through eighth grades. 

Students will take computer adaptive assessments three times during the year for benchmark testing. The computer adaptive format will ensure that test item difficulty will adjust to the student’s ability level. Each successive response gives STAR Reading Enterprise more data to pinpoint the test-taker’s actual achievement level. 

STAR enterprise assessments will occur in September, December/January, and April/May. These benchmark opportunities will allow teachers to see how students are performing within the whole of their class, as well as, in comparison to peers across the nation. Teachers will receive information targeted to each individual student regarding strengths and areas of focus to support their students.

Details on the specific assessment areas can be accessed using the links below. Sample questions can also be found from these links.

STAR Resources

Renaissance Learning: Math


Renaissance Learning: Early Literacy


Renaissance Learning: Reading


STAR login screen - Staff and students

This link directs you to our school site required for STAR assessment administration or report access. Students and teachers use the same access point to login.