If you need to register a kindergarten student for the 2020-2021 school year, please reach out to wlsregistration@wlstigers.org or call 937-465-1060 x103.

Please bring the following items to REGISTER YOUR STUDENT:

Proof of Identification

Parent or guardian registering student must provide a photo ID (driver's license) for identification purposes.

Birth Certificate

This is the Certificate of Live Birth from a County Health Department in the state your child was born. The document issued by the hospital is NOT acceptable.

Social Security Card

If card is lost, a statement from the Social Security Administration with the SSN is acceptable. A copy of your income tax form with the child's SSN is also acceptable if SS card is lost.


A copy of the current immunization record for your child is required. If you do not immunize your child, you must provide reason in writing (dated & signed), OR you may complete a waiver form provided by the school nurse.

Custodial Documents (if applicable)

If parents are divorced/separated, please provide a copy of the most recent custodial documents (must have the court's journal entry date stamp) designating a custodial and residential parent.

Proof of Residency (one of the following)

  • utility bill
  • rental agreement
  • purchase agreement
  • builder's contract (home must be completed within 90 days of enrollment at WL-S)
  • current payroll stub showing WL-S address and WL-S income tax withheld

If moving to WL-S with family or friends, a Residency Verification form may be completed with the Registrar (with signatures notarized by the Registrar) if none of the above examples can be provided.


For families who do not reside in West Liberty-Salem School District, you may apply for Open Enrollment at the WL-S Kindergarten screening. Notification of approval or denial will be sent to parents by mail or email prior to July 1.

Also, please be sure to attend Kindergarten Screening in your district of residence since we have a limited number of Open Enrollment spots available each year.


Parents/Guardians will complete a Social & Emotional Screening Questionnaire when you attend your student's screening appointment (provided by Champaign County Family & Children First). 

View this video for more details

What if my child's ASQ-SE shows they need additional assessment?

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