OHSAA Physical Form

All student-athletes MUST have a current sports physical to participate in interscholastic sports. This physical must be completed prior to the team’s first official practice. Athletes cannot practice or compete without a current physical. Use this link to access the physical form. 2024-2025 Physical Forms

Final Forms

Please ensure your student-athlete is registered for each sport they will participate in using the Final Forms link: Final Forms

The Parent Seat

The Parent Seat :Your student’s high school years will provide a lifetime of memories and experiences. How do you want your student to remember this experience?

Positive Parenting

Positive Sports Parenting: Parents play an influential role in the lives of their children, including the part they play when their children participate in interscholastic sports and activities. This is why the National Federation of State High School Associations has created the course Positive Parenting within School Programs. Parents need to understand that their behavior in the stands, how they talk to their student after a practice or game, and the way they interact with the coaches and officials, makes all the difference in the enjoyment of their children’s experience. Learn how you, as a parent, can have a positive impact on your child and help create a memorable experience for everyone. Take the course, Positive Parenting within School Programs, available for free on the NFHS Learning Center.

Parent Coach

JBM Parenting Coach: Janis Meredith is a sports parent and a coach’s wife, dedicated to providing athletes with a positive youth sports experience – discussing playing time struggles, coaching conflicts, helping your child with mental battles, dealing with negative parents, and much more.

Mom's Team

Mom’s Team: A team of experts come together to share guidance, advice, and actionable tips on sports safety.

Positive Coaching Alliance

Positive Coaching Alliance: Positive Coaching Alliance focuses on teaching athletes life lessons as a ‘Second-Goal Parent’ – a commitment to helping parents process the ups and downs of sports.

National Athletic Trainers Association

NATA Sports Safety: The National Athletic Trainers’ Association offers sports safety tips for parents that include questions to ask schools and ensure best practices are in place.

National center for Sports Safety

NCSS Parent Athlete Video: The National Center for Sports Safety (NCSS) produced videos to educate parents on preventative measures and ways to be proactive in sports safety.

Aspen Institute

The Aspen Institute’s Project Play: This page offers free resources developed by Project Play and its partners, whether your goal is finding the best sport or local program for your child, enhancing safety within your chosen sport, and supporting your kids through their athletic endeavors

The Tiger Way

Athletic Director: Morgan Sullivan
Phone: 937-465-1149