Glow germs teach proper hand-washing

Posted by Allison Wygal on 1/15/2019 8:00:00 AM

glow germs douthwaite    glow germs

Mrs. Spring and Mrs. Patton’s first grade class experimented with “Glow Germs”, lotion based simulated germs, and proper hand washing this morning.  School Nurse, Mrs. Douthwaite, used the faux germ gel to show students that even after washing our hands, some germs linger behind.  Each student used the Glow Germ lotion and then washed and dried their hands. A black light was used to show how much residue from the glow in the dark gel was still on their hands.  Each student had some glow bugs left!  Students were surprised to learn that how long, how thorough, and how well we rinse all effect how many germs can be left behind. 

Mrs. Douthwaite reminded students about proper ways to sneeze and cough to minimize the spread of germs.  Students learned that when we use our hands, instead of sneezing into our elbows, we spread germs through everything we touch.  She also emphasized that touching our noses and mouths allow germs to enter our bodies. 

Mrs. Douthwaite will continue her hand-washing education throughout the week in many different classes.  This is a great way to combines science and fun while teaching younger students about the spread of germs.  Thanks to Mrs. Douthwaite for this hands on experiment with our students!