We are so excited to welcome you and your students to West Liberty-Salem for the 2020-2021 School Year. 

Due to physical distancing requirements, ONE adult may accompany your kindergarten student on the date below. All visitors must wear masks and do a temperature self-screen at home. Anyone with a temperature over 100 degrees should stay home.

If your student’s last name starts with the letter A-G, they will attend school only on Tuesday, September 8.

If your student’s last name starts with the letter H-M, they will attend school only on Wednesday, September 9.

If your student’s last name starts with the letter O-Y, they will attend school only on Thursday, September 10.

Your kindergarten student WILL NOT attend school on Friday, September 11.

Orientation Schedule:

8:30 a.m. Parents meet with students and staff in Elementary Cafeteria. Park out front in visitor parking or along the curb (do NOT park in the fire lane).

9:00 a.m. Parents and students will learn about school bus procedures.

9:20 a.m. Students will go to school with teachers, parents will be dismissed.

9:30 a.m. Mr. Aaron Hollar, Elementary Principal, will speak to parents for 5-10 minutes. He will be available for questions afterward.

2:57 p.m. Students will be dismissed for the day – your student will either ride the bus as planned, or you can pick them up out front.

Masks: Your student must wear a mask at school, please provide one for them to use.

Lunch: Please have your student either bring a packed lunch, or bring $2.75 in a baggie/envelope marked with their name to purchase a school lunch.

Snack: Pack one healthy snack for your student. Entire classroom snacks are not permitted this year.

Water Bottle: Your student should bring a water bottle for class as long as it CANNOT spill (bite release, flip straw, squeeze bottle, etc.).

Supplies: Bring a labeled bag (plastic bag, trash bag, etc.) of your student’s supplies. You may fill their pencil box with the supplies that will fit.

Extra Clothes: Pack an extra outfit for your child (including underwear and socks) and place it in a labeled zip lock bag in case of accidents. Accidents may occur on the first day of school.

Gym Shoes: Pack a pair of clean (don’t have to be new) gym shoes for your student to keep at school.

On Friday, September 11, you will be notified who your child’s teacher will be. We are delaying teacher assignments so we can get to know the students a little bit on the staggered start days and help make the best class lists we can for the students.

Please call Mrs. Cotrell in the office with any questions at 937-465-1060 x101 or email alcotrell@wlstigers.org.