Pay For It 

All the information you’ll ever need about buying meals at school!

The WL-S School District has a computerized point-of-sale (POS) system that makes paying for meals SO MUCH EASIER! Families don’t need to worry about sending money every day and be concerned about it getting lost.

Benefits of using the Point-of-Sale (POS) System Or Pay-For-It

* Staff and Students receive faster service in check-out lines.

* Full-pay, reduced, and Free Meal Status accounts are handled in the same manner.

* Accurate records for state and federal reporting purposes are generated.

How does it work? 

Each student has his/her own STUDENT MEAL ACCOUNT, complete with a 9-digit personal identification number, or each new student is finger scanned the first day of school. The account may be accessed by entering the PIN number on a numeric keypad or the student can use the biometric finger scan at the cash register station. The student’s photo appears on the screen when the PIN number or scan is entered. The cashier is required to verify the students identify before ringing the sale and an automatic withdrawal occurs from the student’s meal account. Money can be deposited into the account by using Pay-For-It which can be found on the school web site or the student can bring in cash or check to be deposited at any time, as often as needed. We recommend using Pay-For-It or pre-paying up to two weeks in advance.


How do I get my student’s PIN number?

A student ID number is assigned to each student when a child is registered for school. Each student then is given a copy of student ID numbers. The student ID number is then given to the appropriate teacher assigned to the student. The teacher assists the student in learning this ID number. Then, each student can choose to use their ID number on the numeric keypad or use the biometric finger scan when purchasing a meal through the line.

What if someone accidentally enters the wrong number?

Every time an account is accessed, the student name and photo will appear on the screen. The cashier will say, “Thank You, (name)”. In the very unlikely event a wrong number is entered, a correction can immediately be made.

Why should I be interested in this system? My child never eats in the cafeteria or I prefer to send cash like I have in the past.

If your child forgets their packed lunch or lunch money, you will know that they have the ability to pay for lunch in the cafeteria if money has been deposited in their STUDENT MEAL ACCOUNT.

How can I pre-pay money for my child’s account?

Your student’s meal account operates as a Debit System, meaning money should be placed on your student’s meal account prior to the days your child needs to purchase lunch.

To ensure your child’s STUDENT MEAL ACCOUNT is properly credited, envelopes will be sent home with the student and the following information needs to be included on the envelope:

  • Student Name
  • Student’s Grade
  • Homeroom Teacher (K-5) 
  • Amount

Checks should be made payable to West Liberty Salem School.

May my child continue to pay cash for a lunch?


May anyone use my meal account, such as a brother or sister?

No. Only one person to whom the account has been assigned may use the account.

How will I know when the meal account is getting low on funds or has a negative balance?

You may call the WL-S school cafeteria and speak with the Foodservice Director to obtain the balance on your child’s STUDENT MEAL ACCOUNT. Or, your child can obtain this information when purchasing a lunch through the lunch line. Or when you use the Pay-For-it system, you can check on what your child’s meal account balance is.

What happens when the account has a negative balance?

Negative Balance Notices will be given to the K-5 students to take home for their parents or guardian. The parent or guardian can then replenish the STUDENT MEAL ACCOUNT with any money owed, and/or additional pre-pay money by using the above-mentioned methods of pre-payment.

What is the Charging policy?

Charging refers to any time a student does not have enough money to cover his or her meal at the point of sale. Snacks and ala carte items cannot be charged.

Pre-payment for meals is strongly recommended.

Elementary school students have a limit of only three (3) charges. Once a student reaches that charge limit, WL-S will only offer a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich and milk up to three (3) times. Then no food is given.

For elementary school students after the second charge an envelope will be sent home with the student, and a follow up phone call will be made to notify the parents of a negative account balance.

The exception to charging a meal is during the last two weeks of school, there is a district wide “no charge” policy in effect. Students who come to school without their lunch money or packed lunch will be instructed to call home to make other arrangements.

The District has a “one-time lunch charge” policy at the middle and high school.

Can I send one check for lunch AND another activity?

No. It is necessary that lunch money be kept separate from other school funds.

Can I send one check if I have more than one student at WL-S?

Yes. Just note on the memo line how much is to go in each student’s account.

If my child asks for cash back will he/she get cash back?

No. For your protection, we will not give change back to a student from a check. We want to make sure the money you sent to be used for meals goes directly for meals only. Also, generally any money left from a cash purchase for K through 12th grade students is placed on their STUDENT MEAL ACCOUNT. This service is provided in response to concerns of parents who indicated that change was lost on the playground or thrown away off the lunch tray. The change then accumulates on the account providing funds for later use. Of course, change will be given back to the student if requested, in writing, by the parent or guardian.

What if my child still has money in his/her account at the end of the school year?

We will carry your child’s balance to the next school year. Should families move from the school district, money remaining on student meal accounts will be refunded to the parent or guardian by check from the Treasurer’s office? Please contact the WL-S Food Service Director at 465-9166 for information regarding the request for a student meal refund.

What if my child’s account shows a meal was eaten when I know that I packed a lunch?

There have been some instances of hungry, growing kids who have eaten their home-packed lunch on the bus or on the way to school, and then eaten a school lunch meal. If the school is offering a popular menu for lunch, the child may be tempted to have lunch at school instead of eating the packed lunch. Personnel in your child’s lunch room will gladly research any purchases you question.

I don’t trust computers. How do I know the records are accurate?

We can run an account history of your child’s account all the way back to the start of the school year, as well as the previous school year. We can tell you every time the account was accessed, and every time a deposit was made.

What if I have a question regarding my child’s account or account balance?

You may call the WL-S Foodservice Director at 465-9166 and we will gladly answer any questions you have concerning your child’s account. If further research is needed to answer your question, we will try to contact you in a timely manner.

When may I activate my student’s meal account?

You can go on the school web site and set-up a Pay-For-It Account at your convenience can accept pre-payment on a student’s account on the first day of school, and or at your child’s school orientation or open house. Please contact the Foodservice Director at 465-9166 if you have any questions or concerns regarding the pre-payment of lunch or milk.

If I lost our monthly menu, how can we find out what’s for lunch?

You can check online at www.wlstigers.org. Click on the lunch menu and the school your child attends. Or call your child’s school office (Elem. 465-0060) (MS/HS 465-1060) or WL-S Food Service Director at 465-9166 for assistance.

We are sure you will find the POS system a real convenience!