Welcome to WL-S Elementary

Parent Teacher Conferences: February 20 & 25

Please sign up for a conference with your student's teacher below:


Mrs. Watson

Mrs. McNabb

Mrs. Prince

Mrs. Godwin

1st Grade

Mrs. Spring/Mrs. Patton (will reach out)

Mrs. Spencer/Mrs. Patton (will reach out)

Mrs. Yoder

Ms. Reed (will reach out)

2nd Grade

Mrs. Cordell/Mrs. Bell

Mrs. Dallas/Mrs. Troyer

3rd Grade (please sign up with your student's math teacher)

Mrs. Middleton/Mr. Leichty

Mrs. Jones/Mrs. Crowder

4th Grade

Ms. Kale/Mrs. Craig

Mrs. Shivley/Mrs. Johnson (no online sign up available - contact teachers directly)

5th Grade (Please sign up with your student's homeroom teacher. Other teachers will join as needed.)

Mrs. Orahood

Mrs. Peterson

Mrs. Creager (long term sub Mrs. Heath)