Welcome to WL-S Elementary

Parent Teacher Conferences: February 20 & 25

Please sign up for a conference with your student's teacher below:


Mrs. Watson

Mrs. McNabb

Mrs. Prince

Mrs. Godwin

1st Grade

Mrs. Spring/Mrs. Patton (will reach out)

Mrs. Spencer/Mrs. Patton (will reach out)

Mrs. Yoder

Ms. Reed (will reach out)

2nd Grade

Mrs. Cordell/Mrs. Bell

Mrs. Dallas/Mrs. Troyer (will reach out directly for conferences if needed)

3rd Grade (please sign up with your student's math teacher)

Mrs. Middleton/Mr. Leichty

Mrs. Jones/Mrs. Crowder

4th Grade

Ms. Kale/Mrs. Craig

Mrs. Shivley/Mrs. Johnson (no online sign up available - contact teachers directly)

5th Grade (Please sign up with your student's homeroom teacher. Other teachers will join as needed.)

Mrs. Orahood

Mrs. Peterson

Mr. Sertell

Mrs. Creager (long term sub Mrs. Heath)