WL-S Food & Nutrition Mission Statement

It is the mission of West Liberty-Salem Food & Nutrition Services to make a significant contribution to the overall physical and mental well-being of each student to enable them to participate fully in the education process. This will be achieved by providing wholesome, high quality, nutrition and appetizing school lunches served in a courteous manner, in a sanitary and pleasant cafeteria environment.

This mission will be pursued in the most efficient and cost effective means possible, in compliance with the guidelines of the Ohio Department of Education National School Lunch Program.


Many changes have been made to the Food Service Department for the start of this school year. Our goal is to keep the serving lines moving as quickly as possible while keeping a safe distance between students. Hand Sanitizer stations are located on cafeteria walls before students enter lunch lines and hand sanitizer pumps are placed by cashier so students can use before and after scanning their finger or entering their numbers.


We encourage parents/guardians to go to the school web site: wlstigers.org>cafeteria>how to pay or download the app to your phone. If you prefer to send cash or check we ask that you put the students first, last name and grade or teachers name in a sealed envelope. Please make checks payable to West Liberty-Salem School. If you have two or more children that you would like to pay for, please put their names on the check at the bottom(in the memo) and what amount you would like to put in each child’s lunch account.


All items listed on Breakfast Menu for that school day will be in the breakfast bag for pick-up. Chocolate or white milk will be served for breakfast.


Breakfast will still be served in the cafeteria and in the concession stand (hallway) every day. All breakfast items listed on breakfast menu for that school day will be in the breakfast bag. There will be no choices.


  • Students will still be able to get their own milk and fruit choices.
  • There will be no self-serve items offered
  • There will be no share cart
  • We will still offer an extra main entrée option daily (Pizza, Hot dog, Uncrustables) check menu.
  • There will be no Chefs Salads for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. These grades only will still have the option to buy an ala carte items such as ice cream, baked chips, juices, etc.
  • There will be a one- time service for all students entering the lunch line. Students will not be allowed to come back for extras.


  • There will be no self-serve items offered
  • Students will still be able to get their own choices of wrapped sandwiches, all wrapped and lidded fruits, vegetables, drinks and juices and any ala carte items such as Baked Chips, cookies, muffins, ice cream, etc.
  • No buying of snacks will be permitted during in-between classes.
  • No usage of microwaves will be permitted this school year.
  • There will be a one-time service for all students entering the lunch line. Students will no be allowed to come back for extras.


Breakfast and Lunches can be ordered for all week (5breakfast 5 lunches). You can place your order by calling 937-465-9166.Please have orders called in on Friday’s by 2:30. Lunch and breakfast can be picked up in the main entrance of the school. First pick-up will be on Monday September 14th from 12:00 to 1:00. Lunch and breakfast pick-up will be every Monday. Please check your students lunch account to see if funds need to be added to cover breakfast and lunches ordered.

National School Lunch Program

The West Liberty Salem district participates in the National School Lunch Program. Under this program all schools who participate must make free and reduced-price meals available to eligible students. The menus are designed so that over a period of one week, school lunches will provide children with approximately one-third of the nutrients they need according to the Recommended Dietary Allowances and one-fourth for breakfast. The menus are planned to use available government commodity food products from the United State Department of Agriculture as well as purchased food products.

The Food & Nutrition Department strives to promote the participation in the consumption of healthy school meals offered every school day. We strive to offer breakfast and lunches that are appealing, acceptable, appetizing and healthy for young children.

To increase the acceptance and consumption of nutritious foods, we have the opportunity to use the government program “Offer versus Serve” option for grades K thru 12 at all lunch lines. This provision is intended to reduce food waste by allowing children to choose three of the five meal components offered each day. Several different choices of entrée items are offered each day, including the menu item, a variety of hot or cold sandwiches, chef salads, yogurt with fruit and cheese stick and a variety of pre-packed, grab and go “lunch able” meals. To promote milk consumption, we offer 1% white and chocolate milk, fat free strawberry. A variety of healthy snacks, bottled water and juices, approved by the Director of Food & Nutrition, are available for sale ala Carte.