A LA CARTE FOOD PRICE LIST FOR 2020-21 3rd, 4th, 5th Grades

4 oz. fruit juice $.75

½ cup fruit $.75

½ cup vegetable $.75

Fresh apple slices $.75

All Fresh Fruits $.75

Fruit Parfait’s $1.75

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks $.50

Yogurt $1.50

Pudding Cups $.95

All Baked Chips $.80

Fresh Baked Cookies $.45

Graham Cookie Gripz $.55

Pop Tart 1pc $1.00

Grandma’s choc. Chip cookies $.65

Fruit roll ups $.50

Scooby-doo-Fruit Snacks $.45

Gold Fish Crackers $.35

Fudge Brownie Cookie $.80

Rice Krispie Bar $.75

Switch 100% Fruit Drink $1.25

Bottled Water 8oz. $.75

Fruit Punch Juice Box $.75

Milk $.55

Any Main Entre’ $2.50

Pizza $2.50

French Fries $1.75

Student Chef Salad $3.00

All beverages and ala carte items offered for sale are in compliance with Ohio Senate Bill 210 and the Alliance for Healthier Generation’s Beverage and competitive Food Guidelines.

Your student can only buy up to two items daily. They must buy or pack their lunches to be able to purchase any ala carte items. If they have an outstanding charge on their account they will not be able to purchase any items. The only items that can be charged when they do have a previous charge would be a milk, breakfast or lunch. If you would like to have a message put on your child’s account stating that they cannot buy extra’s, Just email KSmith@wlsitgers.org send a note or call 937-465-9166 ext.136 and I will be glad to help out with this matter.