• Levy Facts:

    On May 7, 2019 the District will be asking voters to continue their support of the 1% income tax levy. This levy has become one of the main local revenue sources for the district. Below are some facts about the levy.

    Fact #1

    On May 7, the West Liberty-Salem Local School District will ask voters to approve a three-year school levy. Approximately 1.4 million dollars of the district’s regular operating budget comes from the 1% income tax levy. When one levy expires, citizens must vote to continue providing local school support through levy dollars.

    Fact #2

    This is NOT a new tax. In 1992, voters originally approved a three-year levy. Since then this levy has been renewed seven times and will currently expire at the end of 2019. The levy on the May 7th ballot will RENEW the levy and provide school funding for the next three years (2020- 2022).

    Fact #3

    Levy dollars make up the difference between what the State pays and what it actually costs to operate our public schools. State allocations and federal funding provide only a portion of the total dollars needed to operate public schools. Local funding through school levies makes up the shortfall. At West Liberty-Salem, this is approximately 33% of our total budget.

    Fact #4

    Levy dollars help support the following programs/activities:
    • Student activities and programs like: Band, Choir, Science Olympiad, Athletics, etc.
    • Textbooks and instructional materials
    • School security and safety improvements
    • Computer technology/support
    • School staffing
    • Special education services
    • Bus transportation
    • School nurse services
    • General classroom programs and support

    Fact #5

    This Levy is not used towards the construction project. The construction project was funded by a .25% Income Tax Bond that was passed in 2013 that will remain in place until the Bond is paid off or about 17 more years. Currently, WL-S is under budget on construction and is expected to have over $200,000 remaining at project closeout.

    Fact #6

    The Board of Education and the Audit Committee meet regularly to review district financial needs and make recommendations regarding the levy needs. This levy is regarded as a “Life line” for district programming and is essential to provide operational revenue and has been determined to be necessary to maintain quality programming that our community has come to expect.