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  • First Graders make Slimy Observations during Science Class

    Posted by Allison Wygal on 4/23/2019

    West Liberty-Salem first graders experimented with living and non living things in Science this week. They were asked to compare, observe and make detailed descriptions of real worms and gummy worms. After feeling them, watching them, smelling them, and making other independent observations, they completed a worksheet with their final thoughts. Some students noted the real worms slimy exterior and how wiggly they were, while the gummy worms was still and smelled sweet! The students had so much fun experimenting and getting their hands dirty! The real worms didn’t get quite as much attention as the gummy worms, but what a fun way to get their observation skills working!

    Pictured below are Wyatt Patton observing his earthworm, and Brynn Davis, who was brave enough to hold hers!





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  • FFA and first graders their annual trout release

    Posted by Allison Wygal on 4/15/2019

    Did you know that West Liberty-Salem has an outdoor landlab? We do! And we are lucky enough to be able to use this lab to positively impact the waterways that surround us! Recently, FFA students and the entire first grade class joined together for their third annual Trout Release! Trista Havens, FFA teacher, began this initiative with Trout Unlimited and The Ohio Division of Wildlife’s Trout in the Classroom Program three years ago. FFA students obtain brown trout as fertilized eggs in the late fall. Her students then care for the eggs until they are about six months old through the Supervised Agricultural Experience project. Once mature enough, FFA students invite the first grade classes to the school land lab, a water way that feeds into the Mad River, to release the fish. First Graders excitedly named their fish, learn a little about brown trout, then released about 40 trout and watch them swim away. It was an exciting day as FFA made an impact on our environment and taught our younger students how they can help preserve and sustain the Mad River watershed!




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  • Literacy Week wraps up with Literacy Night Fun

    Posted by Allison Wygal on 3/18/2019

    West Liberty-Salem Elementary held it’s second annual Literacy Night on Thursday evening. Over 300 students and their families hopped on down to Seussville for a night of crafts, story time, science experiments, games and face painting. Several class rooms were transformed into the magical world of Dr. Seuss and students were given passports to lead them to the 12 different activity stations. Guest readers read Dr. Seuss books in the library, book bingo took place in the cafeteria, and students made Seuss Soup in another classroom. Our students really look forward to this event each year. They are able to spend time with their teachers, principals, and other staff outside of the general class room instruction time. According to the students, one of the many highlights of the evening was when Thing 1 and Thing 2 stuck Mr. Aaron Hollar, Elementary Principal, to the wall with loads of duct tape because “he got stuck on reading!” Students gathered to see how long the tape would hold him up! The egg drop experiment was another crowd favorite. Inspired by the book, Horton Hears a Who!, students were challenged to create a contraption that would keep a real egg safe while being dropped from the second-story balcony in the gymnasium. Pictured below are Sully Foster and Mr. Aaron Hollar who was ‘stuck on reading’, and Shiloh Cole, who successfully protected her Egg in the Egg Drop experience by way of parachute. 

    Lit nit

    Lit night

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  • Literacy Week Celebrates Reading and the Life of Dr. Seuss

    Posted by Allison Wygal on 3/14/2019

    The Elementary students, teachers and staff have had a fantastic week of learning games, reading fun, and celebration of the life of Dr. Seuss. We kicked off the week with “Cat in the Hat” Day, and some of the hats were really creative! Tuesday, students wore pajamas and got comfy with some of their favorite Seuss stories for a day of reading. Wednesday was “Fox in Socks” day and the students wore mismatched socks and shoes. On Thursday, we were confused all day! So many students were dressed in really creative twin, triplet, and quadruplet attire. We wrap up the week with Literacy night on Thursday evening, and “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” College day on Friday. We have had so much fun seeing the students to excited to participate in what has been a really special week!!




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  • West Liberty Lions Club Donates Dictionaries to WL-S Fifth Grade

    Posted by Allison Wygal on 3/13/2019

    Members of The West Liberty Lions club recently distributed dictionaries to all of the West Liberty-Salem fifth graders. This is a yearly project the club does in honor of former Lions member Russ Peterson who started the project.

    Left to right back row WL Lions Club members:
    Peg King, Mike King, Steve Godwin, Jake Vitt, and Judy Legge
    Left to right front row students:
    Sophia Sprinkle, Elijah Christison, Ellah Heminger, Atticus Loudenback, and Shade Smith

    Lyons club

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  • Second Graders Win Bookmark Contest

    Posted by Allison Wygal on 3/11/2019

    Second Graders at West Liberty-Salem elementary wrapped up a month long Bookmark Challenge on March 1st. Students were given a blank bookmark and guidelines to complete a bookmark that would include something related to reading. Students had all of February to complete the project and could include a quote, a favorite book title, or illustration of a favorite book or character. Each bookmark was voted on and one winner per classroom was selected. Winning themes were Harry Potter, Naughty Mable, Nibbles the Book Monster, and Junie B. Jones. The bookmarks will be distributed throughout the elementary, and the grand prize winner will have their bookmarks out for distribution at the Champaign County Library! Winners (pictured in order) include Makayla Lackey, Mrs. Troyer’s class, Isabella Spencer, Mrs. Cordell’s class, Carter Pratt, Mrs. Bell’s class, and Ava Martin, Mrs. Dallas’ class. Congratulations to these talented artists!





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  • WL-S First Grade Teachers Attend Guided Math Conference

    Posted by Allison Wygal on 3/8/2019

    Continuing education and learning fresh ideas for the classroom are two concepts that West Liberty-Salem teachers take very seriously. Keeping students engaged, and ever-evolving teaching styles, require a willingness from educators to not only learn and adjust but be willing to share new concepts with their peers.

    WL-S recently sent first grade teachers, Sherri Yoder, Denise Reed and Jenny Patton, to a math conference called ‘Guided Math Game Plan’. Host, teacher and education blogger, Reagan Tunstall, spent a few days sharing how math centers (or small group learning) can work more effectively in the classroom, meeting a wider variety of student needs. Guided Math is a method of teaching where teachers support students’ differing levels of math proficiency, while increasing difficulty, while working within a small group setting.

    At the elementary level, finding a way to make learning fun is important, hence the conference focus on “Game Plans.” Each teacher found concepts they will not only incorporate in their own class, but took away a plethora of information they will share with their peers. Some take always from the conference included incorporating daily math related themes. Mrs. Patton shared that students may be challenged, for example, with “Tricky Tuesday”. On Tuesdays, students will share a math concept that is tricky for them, thus allowing many concepts, shared by many students, to be reviewed. Ms. Reed, who has been following Tunstall’s math blog for a few years, will continue to use small groups to help differentiate her math curriculum. The conference helped her, and Mrs. Yoder, to have more productive, focused mini-lessons, while incorporating hands-on activity and movement.

    Education conferences are important for a variety of reasons. They allow our teachers access to colleagues and mentors with a wide range of specialties. They offer the opportunity to see what’s new in the ever changing field of academia and learn to tackle challenges from a variety of different perspectives. Mrs. Patton, Ms. Reed, and Mrs. Yoder will share the new concepts during WL-S Elementary professional development sessions enhancing the entire academic staff.

    (Pictured from left to right are Jenny Patton, Host Reagan Tunstall, Sherrie Yoder, Denise Reed, and Guest Speaker, Kristina Grant)
    Guided math



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  • Students Celebrate 100 Days of School in Style

    Posted by Allison Wygal on 3/1/2019 12:05:00 AM

    Today marks the 100th day of school at West Liberty-Salem, and kindergartens and first grade celebrated in style! Kindergartners dressed as if they were 100 years old, and Natalie really nailed it! Her wig and glasses were just perfect. Each kindergarten teacher had a special activity planned in their class and classes rotated rooms to enjoy each one. Groups of students stacked 100 plastic cups to make pyramids and other huge towers, others counted to 100 while painting 100 polka dots, and another group got active by doing 100 seconds of jumping jacks.

    First graders rolled out the red carpet and put on a fashion showing show-casing their 100 days of school shirts! Each student was asked to decorate a shirt with 100 items, and they got creative! Students decorated their shirts with things like plastic Easter eggs, grandma’s button collection, stickers and googley eyes to name a few! During the fashion show, teacher’s described their shirts and why they chose those decorations. Calen Fairchild, first grader, said, “I’m so excited to watch a real fashion show because so many kids had such great ideas!” Other first grade activities included using science to experiment with Lolly Pops and how many licks it truly takes to get to the tootsie roll. They really hoped it was 100! Our teachers did a fantastic job celebrating 100 days of school!

    100 days



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  • Third graders bring silent film to life through short stories

    Posted by Allison Wygal on 2/26/2019 12:05:00 AM

    Third graders in Mr. Leichty’s Language Art’s classes have been hard at work, creating books about Mariza, The Stubborn Donkey, a short film. The film, which can be found here https://www.marizamovie.com/watch-the-movie/, has no dialogue. Instead, it evokes viewers to use their own creative minds to design a story based on sight and feelings alone. The short film is a simple tale of a stubborn, working donkey and his owner, a fisherman, persuasion, and mutual respect.

    Students were challenged to create their version of what they thought the story was telling it’s audience about Mariza and the fisherman. Books were about 10 pages long, typed, computer illustrated and stapled in book format to complete the project. Today, they showcased their efforts in Mrs. Bell’s second grade class by reading their stories in small groups. They were excited to share their hard work and Mrs. Bell’s class was excited to get some one on one reading time with their fellow peers!




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  • The Kids Heart Challenge is a big success!

    Posted by Allison Wygal on 2/21/2019 1:00:00 AM

    February is Heart Health Month, and at West Liberty-Salem, our students are learning early about the benefits of keeping hearts healthy. Each year, our physical education department uses this time to teach students about heart health, healthy eating and physical and emotional well being, and The Kids Heart Challenge has become a big part of that!

    The Kids Heart Challenge is supported by the American Heart Association. This is a fun event each year, where our students learn about being healthy while raising money for the American Heart Association. The mission is simple, “Through kids heart challenge, kids learn jump rope skills, how their heart works, and raise money for kids with special hearts. Have fun, learn how to stay healthy, and make a difference in the lives of others.”

    Our students raised $9700 for the American Heart Association this year! Ten students raised over $200 each. Pictured below are our top fundraisers. Back row includes Ashlyn Taylor, Cade Stokes, Griffin Evans and front row is Karlee Lucas, Jackson Reichardt, Foster Fairchild , Brody Moore
    Not pictured: Robinson Lucas, Mason Wallace, Carson Stokes as top fundraisers.

    We are proud of each of our students for being part of a great cause, and helping make a difference for “kids with special hearts”.

    Heart challenge

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