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    From October 22 – November 5, we will be participating in a dessert fundraiser with Market Day! Market Day offers high quality desserts at a reasonable price and with each purchase you will be contributing to our fundraising goals.

    Our goal this year is to sell 1,000 desserts and the money earned will be going toward such things as senior scholarships, elementary students' birthday books, elementary teacher support, and elementary school materials & equipment (such as iPads).

    If each student sells just 2 desserts we will reach our goal. Please keep in mind, that for the safety of our children we strongly discourage door-to-door sales. However, we would like you to offer the opportunity to purchase Market Day desserts to your family, friends and co-workers, who will feel good knowing that their purchase is helping our organization.

    If any of your customers would like to purchase a pie to donate, they may pick one of the following locations and members of the PTO will deliver donated pies to these locations once they come in. Please list the chosen donation location as Customer Name on your order form. (If you have questions, please call Brandy Powell).

    Caring Kitchen, Urbana                Green Hills, West Liberty                        Our Daily Bread, Bellefontaine

    When we reach our goal of 1,000 desserts, Mr. Hollar and the PTO will reward the students with a movie and popcorn party in the gym! This year, everyone who sells at least one pie will receive a prize!! Individual prizes will be offered for the top 4 sellers and a reward of extra recess will be offered to the top participating class!

    Prizes: 1 pie – popper toy | 3 pies – popper toy & scented pencil | For every +3 pies, an additional scented pencil

    Top Seller: $300 CASH | 2nd place: DVD Surround Sound | 3rd place: Moon shoes | 4th place: Hover disk

    In order to encourage the children and keep them informed how close they are to goal, please send in a total each Monday during the sale as to how many pies your child has sold.  They will turn the number in to their teacher and a display will be posted in the hallway showing our progress.

    Payment Information

    • Payment should be collected when dessert orders are placed

    • Make checks payable to WL-S PTO

    • Return the entire form with payment by Wednesday, November 5, 2014

    • All dessert orders must be picked up on:

    Date: Monday, November 17, 2014           Time: 3:30-6:00 PM          Location: WL-S Elementary Cafeteria

    If you’re not able to pick up your order at this time, or if you have other questions, please contact

    Brandy Powell at 937-465-0522 (h) or 937-935-5213(c).