• Our Administrative staff is excited to support you, our students and the community! Please feel free to contact any of the staff members below with questions or feedback.


    Mr. Kraig Hissong, Superintendent | email

    Mr. Aaron Hollar, Elementary Principal | email

    Mr. Greg Johnson, MS/HS Principal | email

    Mr. Andy McGill, K-12 Assistant Principal | email

    Mrs. Alysson Cotrell, Elementary Secretary | email

    Mrs. Julie Nieman, MS/HS Secretary | email

    Mr. Chelsea Baldwin, Treasurer | email

    Mr. Nancy Pennington, Assistant Treasurer email

    Mrs. Jeanie Crabtree, EMISCoordinator/Enrollment | email

    Mr. Jake Vitt, Athletic Director | email

    Mrs. Linda Harr, Transportation & Maintenance Supervisor | email

    Mrs. Kathy Smith, Food Service Director | email

    Mrs. Stacy Dunn, Curriculum Coordinator | email

    Mrs. Jennifer Douthwaite, Wellness Director | email