The West Liberty-Salem PTO is looking forward to serving our students for yet another great year! 
    PTO President: Colleen Wallace | 937.578.8810 | colleenwallace77@gmail.com

  • Ongoing Events: 
    PTO Meetings

    The next PTO meeting will be held Monday, Oct 24 at 7:00 p.m.
    Birthday Books 

    Through Campbell's Soup Label fundraising, we're able to provide students one free birthday book per year!
  • Seasonal Events: 
    Santa Shoppe

    The PTO will hold the annual Santa Shoppe in December, giving students an opportunity to choose gifts for friends and family. There's something for everyone, with prices ranging from $0.25-$25.00 per item. We shop year round to stock our holiday shelves! 
    Email Erin at erinlevan4@gmail.com if you'd like to help shop for the Santa Shop. It is most difficult to find items for Dads/Grandfathers and teens, so if you spot items that you think would be appropriate, let us know!