• To register a student at WL-S, you will need to provide the following documents:

Proof of Identification

  • Parent or guardian registering student must provide a photo ID (driver's license) for identification purposes.

Birth Certificate

  • This is the Certificate of Live Birth from a County Health Department in the state your child was born. The document issued by the hospital is NOT acceptable.

Social Security Card

  • If card is lost, a statement from the Social Security Administration with the SSN is acceptable. A copy of your income tax form with the child's SSN is also acceptable if SS card is lost.


  • A copy of the current immunization record for your child is required. If you do not immunize your child, you must provide reason in writing (dated & signed), OR you may complete a waiver form provided by the school nurse.

Custodial Documents (if applicable)

  • If parents are divorced/separated, please provide a copy of the most recent custodial documents (must have the court's journal entry date stamp) designating a custodial and residential parent.

Proof of Residency

  • Provide one of the following:

    • utility bill
    • rental agreement
    • purchase agreement
    • builder's contract (home must be completed within 90 days of enrollment at WL-S)
    • current payroll stub showing WL-S address and WL-S income tax withheld

    If moving to WL-S with family or friends, a Residency Verification form may be completed with the Registrar (with signatures notarized by the Registrar) if none of the above examples can be provided.