West Liberty-Salem Local School District

WLS Middle School Cross Country

OHC Championships
Saturday, October 15

The girls were 1st place posting a perfect score taking the first 5 places. 


Katelyn Stapleton was first in a course record time of 11:27.
Megan Adams was 2nd in 11:56.
Madison Bahan was third in 13:02.
Hallie Smith 4th in 13:34.
Mandilyn Weaver 5th in 13:56.
All of the above girls received 1st Team OHC honors.
Maria Henderson 8th in 15:09 earning 2nd team OHC honors.
Micah Stoner 22nd 18:40.
Lili Wilson 23rd in 19:01.


The boys were 3rd place.
Dylan Lauck was 4th place in a time of 11:32 earning first team honors.
Receiving 2nd team honors were:
Hayden Kennedy 10th in 12:27,
Tate Yoder 12th in 12:35,  and Isaac Reames 14th in 12:55.
Owen Johnson was 16th 13:14.
Isaac Brown 18th in 13:20.
Elliott Hager 27th in 13:59.
Grant Schoenleben 30th 14:16
Hayden Miller 37th 15:19. 

Anna Rocket Invitational
Saturday, October 8

The WL-S Middle School CC teams competed at the Anna Rocket Invitational. 

The Girls were 1st place out of 15 teams.
Katelyn Stapleton and Grace Adams went 1-2 in a race of 118 runners with a times of 11:28 and 11:52 respectively.
Madison Bahan was 6th in 12:06.
Hallie Smith was 25th in 13:34.
Mandilyn Weaver was 29th in 13:41.
Maria Henderson was 76th n 15:48.
Micah Stoner was 108th in 19:11.
Lili Wilson was 111th in 19:50.
Lili Davis was 117th in 21:29.

The Boys were 8th place out of 17 teams.
Dylan Lauck was 2nd out of 163 runners in a time of 11:14.
Isaac Brown was 43rd in 11:52.
Tate Yoder was 57th in 13:15.
Grant Schoenleben was 103rd in 14:06.
Elliott Hager was 108th in 14:15.
Hayden Miller was139th in 15:29.
Cody Matthews-Moore was 147th in 15:54.

 Buck Creek Invitational
Tuesday, September 27

The WL-S Middle School CC teams both won the Buck Creek Invitational Saturday. 


The boys were first place out of 16 teams.
Dylan Lauck led the Big Orange finishing 2nd out of 120 runners with a time of 12:17.
Hayden Kennedy was 21st in 13:15
Isaac Brown was 22nd in 13:24
Tate Yoder was 26th in 13:33
Isaac Reames was 42nd in 14:00
Elliott Hager was 72nd in 15:23
Hayden Miller was 101st out of 17:00


The girls finished first out of 11 teams.
The Big Orange trio of Katelyn Stapleton (12:26), Megan Adams (12:34), and Madison Bahan (12:53) swept the top three places again!
Mandilyn Weaver was 10th place in 14:49
Hallie Smith was 12th in 15:03
Maria Henderson was 47th in 16:33
Lili Wilson was 98th in 21:11
Micah Stoner was 99th in 21:33
Lili Davis was 101st in 21:30 

 Triad Invitational
Tuesday, September 27

The WL-S Middle School CC teams competed at the Triad Invitational Tuesday.

The girls won taking 4 out of the top 5 spots in a race of 70 runners. Big Orange finishers were:

Katelyn Stapleton 1st 11:54
Megan Adams 2nd 12:35
Madison Bahan 3rd 13:13
Hallie Smith 5th 14:03
Mandilyn Weaver 9th 14:14
Maria Henderson. 39th 16:27
Micah Stoner 65th 19:57
Lili Wilson 68th 23:44

The boys were 2nd place. Out of 81 runners:
Dylan Lauck was 2nd 11:51
Isaac Brown 11th 13:04
Hayden Kennedy 13th 13:10
Tate Yoder 21st 13:41
Isaac Reames 22nd 13:43
Owen Johnson 34th 14:27
Elliott Hager 43rd 15:29
Grant Schoenleben 48th 15:46
Hayden Miller 61st 16:31 
Spencerville Bearcat Invitational
Saturday, September 10
The girls team was first place out of 14 teams. 
Leading the way was Katelyn Stapleton's 1st place finish in 12:09 to break the meet and course record which had stood for 20 years. 
Megan Adams was 2nd place in a time of 12:27.
Madison Bahan was 6th place in 13:05.
Mandilyn Weaver was 36th place in 14:51.
Hallie Smith was 40th place in 14:59.
Maria Henderson 92nd in 16:30
Olivia Neer 139th 19:43
Lili Davis 143th 20:24
Micah Stoner 145th 20:51
The boys were 6th place out of 18 teams. 
Dylan Lauck was 11th place out of 187 runners in a time of 12:41.
Hayden Kennedy was 41st in 13:37
Isaac Brown was 43rd in 13:39.
Tate Yoder was 45th in 13:42.
Isaac Reames was 57th in 13:54.
Owen Johnson was 68th in 14:05.
Aiden Estep was 91st in 14:42.
Grant Schoenleben was 120th in 15:50.
Elliott Hagar was 131st in 16:09.
Hayden Miller was 149th in 17:12.