• WLS Middle School Cross Country

    Yellow Springs Invitational
    Tuesday, October 17

    The West Liberty-Salem Middle School Big Orange Cross Country teams finished their season at the Yellow Springs Invitational hosted at Young's Dairy. 

    The girls team was 2nd out of 13 teams. 

    Megan Adams was 2nd place out of 153 runners in a PR time of 11:48.
    Emily Hollar was 7th (12:46) PR
    Hallie Smith 11th (12:56) PR
    Mandilyn Weaver 13th (13:05) PR
    Maggie Davis 34th (14:07)
    Makenzie Bahan 62nd (14:38) PR 
    Kami Claybaugh 120th (17:13)
    Dani Smith 121th (17:14)
    Micah Stoner 126th (17:42) PR

    The boys team finished 4th out of 16 teams. 

    Dylan Lauck won the race of 246 runners in school record time of 10:33.
    Issac Brown was 22nd (11:46) PR 
    Andrew Kimball 31st 11:46 (11:56) PR 
    Isaac Reames 48th (12:23) PR 
    Ayden Estep 73rd (12:42) PR
    Owen Johnson 75th (12:44) PR 
    Owen Harrison 88th (13:06) PR
    Hayden Miller 117th (13:46)
    James Powell 169th (14:44)
    Congratulations on a great season! 

    OHC Championships
    Saturday, October 14

    The West Liberty-Salem Middle School Big Orange Cross Country teams competed at Ohio Heritage Conference Meet held at Cedarville. 

    The girls team dominated the competition. The Big Orange took 5 of top 7 spots. Earning 1st team OHC honors were:

    Megan Adams OHC champion in 11:50
    Emily Hollar 2nd 13:26
    Mandilyn Weaver 3rd 13:38
    Hallie Smith 6th 13:51
    Maggie Davis 7th 14:07
    Makenzie Bahan was 2nd team all-inclusive honors finishing 14th place in 15:16.

     Other WL-S Finishers were:
    Dani Smith 23rd (16:37)
    Kami Claybaugh 25th (16:46)
    Micah Stoner 26th (18:15)

    The boys earned an OHC championship. 

     Dylan Lauck was the OHC champion in 10:59
    Also earning 1st team all OHC honors were:
    Isaac Brown 5th (12:12)
    Andrew Kimball 7th (12:16)

    Earning 2nd team OHC honors were:
    Ayden Estep 12th 12:48
    Isaac Reames 13th 12:51

    Other WL-S finishers were:
    Owen Johnson 22nd (13:25)
    Tate Yoder 25th (13:28)
    Elliott Hager 26th (13:33)
    Owen Harrison 27th (13:39)
    James Powell 31st (14:01)
    Hayden Miller 32nd (14:03)

    Anna RocketInvitational
    Saturday, October 7

    The West Liberty-Salem Middle School Big Orange Cross Country teams competed at Anna Rocket Invitational. 

     The girls team finished 1st out of 14 teams
    Megan Adams was the champion in a race of 154 runners with a winning time of 12:09
    Emily Hollar was 6th 12:58
    Mandilyn Weaver 15th 13:43
    Hallie Smith 24th 13:58
    Maggie Davis 28th 14:09
    Makenzie Bahan 82nd 15:44
    Kami Claybaugh 118th 1748
    Micah Stoner 122nd 18:02 

    In the boys race, the Big Orange  finished 2nd out of 17 teams.

    Dylan Lauck led the team with a 2nd place finish (11:07) in a race of 156 runners. 
    Isaac Brown 17th 12:15
    Andrew Kimball 22nd 12:31
    Ayden Estep 34th 12:56
    Isaac Reames 57th13:25 
    Owen Johnson 66th 13'30
    Hayden Miller 67th 13:33
    Elliott Hager 82nd 14:00
    Owen Harrison  86th 14:09

    . WL-S won the school team trophy having the best combined finish of all middle school teams! 

    Buck Creek Invitational
    Saturday, September 23

    The West Liberty-Salem Big Orange Cross Country teams competed at Buck Creek Invitational Saturday. 

    Both teams won and produced individual champions. 

    The boys team was first out of 19 teams. 

    Out of 140 runners,  Dylan Lauck won in time of 11:30.
    Issac Brown was a medalist finishing 15th place (12:44)
    Andrew Kimble was 16th (13:18)
    Owen Johnson 26th (13:18)
    Aiden Estep 28th 28th (13:21)
    Isaac Reames 30th (13:24)
    Hayden Miller 50th (13:55)
    Isaac Powell 52nd (14:00)
    Owen Harrison 73nd (14:34) 

    The girls team was 1st out of 12 teams. 

     The first five Big Orange runners all were medalists (top 15) in a race of of 115.

    Megan Adams was 1st (12:20)
    Emily Hollar was 4th (13:34)
    Mandilyn Weaver 7th (13:57)
    Hallie Smith 9th (14:10)
    Maggie Davis 14th (14:38)
    Makenzie Bahan 32nd (15:43)
    Kami Claybaugh 71st (17:59)
    Micah Stoner 79th  (18:15)
    Dani Smith 84th (18:44)

    Max Evans Memorial Ohio Caverns Invitational
    Saturday, September 23

    The WLS MS Big Orange Cross Country teams competed at the Ohio Caverns Max Evans Invitational. 

     The boys were 1st out of 10 teams

     Dylan Lauck ran to a 1st place finish out of 79 runners
    with a school record time of 10:51.
    Tate Yoder was 3rd 11:26
    Isaac Brown 9th 12:27
    Andrew Kimball 12th 12:46
    Ayden Estep 24th 13:31
    Elliott Hager 26th 13:33
    Owen Johnson 28th 1338
    Issac Reames 29th 13:42
    James Powell 35th 14:10
    Owen Harrison 44th 14:35
    Hayden Miller 51st 14:57 

    The girls were 2nd out of 7 teams. 

    Megan Adams won the race of 74 girls in a time of 12:26
    Emily Hollar was 3rd 13:12
    Mandilyn Weaver 6th 13:43
    Hallie Smith 10th 14:14
    Maggie Davis 13th 14:45
    Makenzie Bahan 29th 15:57
    Micah Stoner 52nd 19:09
    Kami Claybaugh 53th 19:11
    Dani Smith 57th 19:45

    Graham Invitational
    Saturday, September 16

    The West Liberty-Salem Big Orange Cross Country teams competed at the Graham Invitational Saturday. Both teams won and produced individual champions. 

     The girls team was 1st out of 9 teams. 

    Megan Adams was first out 97 runners in a time of 12:32 
    Emily Hollar was 4th 13:35
    Mandilyn Weaver 7th 14:02
    Hallie Smith 12th 14:28
    Maggie Davis 19th 15:02
    Makenzie Bahan 35th 16:07
    Kami Claybaugh 59th 18:36
    Dani Smith 62nd18:57
    Micah Stoner 69th 19:35

     The boys team was 1st out of 10 teams. 

    Dylan Lauck and Tate Yoder were first (11:26) and second (11:47) respectively in a race of 88 runners. 

    Isaac Brown was 9th 12:48
    Andrew Kimball 11th 12:51
    Isaac Reames 20th 13:32
    Owen Johnson 33rd 13:47
    Ayden Estep 13:54
    Elliott Hager 37th 13:13:52
    Owen Harrison 46th 14:14
    Hayden Miller 50th 14:29
    James Powell 61st 15:09

    Spencerville Bearcat Invitational
    Saturday, September 8

    The Big Orange  Middle School Cross Country teams competed at the Spencerville Bearcat Invitational. 

    The girls were first out of 15 teams. 

    Megan Adams was 1st out 129 runners settings a new course record of 11:57.

    Emily Hollar was 8th 13:10
    Mandilyn Weaver 11th 13:27
    Hallie Smith 30th 14:14
    Maggie Davis 42nd 14:44
    Makenzie Bahan 85th 16:01
    Micah Stoner 117th 18:38 

    The boys were 3rd out of 20 teams.

     Dylan Lauck was 1st out 192 runners in a time of 11:04.
    Tate Yoder was 10th in 11:46
    Isaac Brown 36th 12:38
    Andrew Kimble 41st 12:42
    Isaac Reames 71st 13:14
    Ayden Estep 75th 13:16
    Owen Johnson 81st 13:22
    Hayden Miller 82nd 13:23
    Elliott Hager 114th 14:03
    James Powell 119th 14:09
    Owen Harrison 120th 14:10

    Logan County Meet
    Tuesday, August 29
    The WL-S Middle School Big Orange Cross Country teams competed at the Logan County Meet hosted at Southview Park in Bellefontaine.

    The girls team placed first.
    Individual Results: (Out of 27 runners)
    Megan Adams 1st 12:44
    Emily Hollar 3rd 14:16
    Mandilyn Weaver 4th 14:19
    Hallie Smith 6th 14:55
    Maggie Davis 7th 15:02
    Makenzie Bahan 15th 16:57
    Dani Smith 20th 19:13
    Micah Stoner 23rd 20:00
    The boys team finished first.
    Individual results: (out of 25 runners)
    Dylan Lauck 1st 11:18
    Tate Yoder 3rd 12:01
    Isaac Brown 7th 12:59
    Andrew Kimball 8th 13:00
    Owen Johnson 10th 13:56
    Hayden Miller 11th 14:09
    Isaac Reames 13th 14:22
    Elliott Hager 14th 14:23
    Ayden Estep 15th 14:30
    Owen Harrison 17th 15:02
    James Powell 15:37
    Bob Schul Invitational
    Saturday, August 26
    The girls team finished 5th out of 26 teams. 
    Megan Adams led the team finishing 2nd out of 334 runners in a time of 12:19.
    Emily Hollar was 21st (13:26)
    Mandilyn Weaver 31st (13:40)
    Hallie Smith 96th (15:02)
    Maggie Davis 111th (15:15)
    Kenzie Bahan 209th (16:50)
    Micah Stoner 260th (18:02)
    Dani Smith 272nd (18:18)
    The boys team finished 8th out 38 teams. 
    Dylan Lauck finished 3rd out of 314 runners in a time of 11:06.
    Tate Yoder was 23rd (11:59)
    Issac Brown 75th (12:50)
    Andrew Kimble 78th (12:55)
    Isaac Reames 116th (13:23)
    Owen Johnson 120th (13:25)
    Hayden Miller 160th (14:05)
    Elliott Hager 165th (14:09)
    In the boys open race, Aiden Estep finished 29th out of 141 runners in a time of 14:06.
    Owen Harrison was 61st (15:09)
    James Powell was 73rd (15:21)
    Benjamin Logan Early Bird Invitational
    Tuesday, August 22
    The girls were 3rd out of 7 teams. 
    Out of 59 runners,  Emily Hollar and Mandilyn Weaver led the team finishing 4th (14:08) and 5th (14:15) respectively. 
    Maggie Davis was 22nd in 16:16
    Makenzie Bahan was 31st in 17:17
    Micah Stoner was 42nd in 19:27
    Dani Smith was 49th in 20:46
    The boys were 1st out of 9 teams. 
    Dylan Lauck led the field of 67 runners with a winning time of 11:19.
    Tate Yoder was 7th in 12:29.
    Isaac Brown was 17th in 13:36
    Andrew Kimble was 19th in 13:43
    Isaac Reames was 20th in 13:54
    Owen Johnson was 24th in 14:08
    Hayden Miller was 32nd in 14:27
    Elliott Hagar was 37th in 14:43
    James Powell 45th 15:30
    Owen Harrison 47th 15:39
    Aiden Estep 53rd 16:15