• Ohio Law Gives Class of 2018 and Beyond More Options

    To Earn a Diploma

    This year’s freshman class no longer has to worry about taking the Ohio Graduation Tests in order to graduate from high school.  Instead, they will take seven end-of-course exams and earn at least 18 points to qualify for a diploma.  Students will be assessed after taking English 9 and 10, Algebra I, Geometry, Biology or Physical Science, American History (20th Century), and American Government.  There are two parts for each end-of-course exam: a performance based assessment in February or March and then an end of year test in April/May.  Students will be scored using the following scale:

    Advanced  5 points

    Accelerated  4 points

    Proficient  3 points

    Basic          2 points

     Limited     1 point


     High school students must earn at least four points in English tests, four points in math tests, and at least six points in science and social tests.  The freshmen who took Advanced Algebra 1 and Biology in 8th grade will automatically be given a score of 3 for each course since tests were not available last year.  In addition to the seven end-of-course exams, Ohio students must also take a college readiness test their junior year that will be funded by the state.

    In addition to end-of-course exams and a college admissions test, all students must complete the following course credits in order to be eligible for a diploma:

    4 units of English

    4 units of mathematics

    3 units of science

    3 units of social studies (must include ½ unit of American History and ½ unit of American Govt.

    ½ unit of health and ½ unit of PE

    5 units of electives

    Presently, WL-S requires students to complete the above credits as well as 1 unit of Fine Arts and 1 unit of Business/Technology (for a total of 22 credits). 

    The third commonality among Ohio high school students, is that they must choose one of three diploma options.  The first option is to earn 18 points on state tests.  The second choice is to achieve a college readiness score on a national examination.  Finally, students can choose to obtain an approved industry certification and a work-readiness score on WorkKeys (a job-skills test).

    For more information on the new graduation requirements visitwww.education.ohio.gov/options.  For further information on required assessments, please visit the PARCC website (English and Math Assessments) at http://www.parcconline.org and AIR website (Social Studies and Science examinations) at http://oh.portal.airast.org/ocba/ .