OTES: Ohio Teacher Evaluation System

  • The Ohio Teacher Evaluation System, OTES, will be fully implemented in 2018-2019.  As required by legislation this evaluation will be based on 50% teacher performance and 50% student growth measures.  

    Teacher performance includes the following components:  growth and/or improvement plan, at least two observation cycles, and at least two documented walkthroughs.  The evidence collected by the evaluator is aligned to the seven Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession.  

    Student growth measures include one or more measure (in accordance with the district plan) to demonstrate the academic growth of a teacher's students.   

    Below are documents to support the teachers and evaluators in the evaluation process.

Teacher Performance Components

Student Growth Measures Components

Final Summative Rating of Teacher Effectiveness

  • For use upon completion of evaluation process including all components. This must be provided to teacher no later than May 10th of each year. 

General Items

SLO Training Documents